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GID is the reliable provider of innovative products, solutions and services that help our customers create, manage and use secure identities.
Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer & Encoder
Print superior quality, high durable ID cards
FARGO® DTC4250e ID Card Printer & Encoder
Reliable, flexible, secure card printing solution that can grow with your business
FARGO® DTC1000Me Monochrome ID Card Printer & Encoder
Economical, single-color printing for loyalty cards, visitor ID badges, or personalizing pre-printed cards
FARGO® HDP8500 Industrial & Government ID Card Printer & Encoder
Superior industrial-class ID card printer for extended-run, high throughput ID issuance
HDP8500LE Industrial Card Laser Engraver
Provides personal and organizational security by engraving permanent, unalterable data into high-technology cards
FARGO® DTC4500e High Capacity Plastic Card Printer & Encoder
Highly secure, high- efficiency card printing solution for producing virtually forgery-resistant ID cards and badges
Identity Credential Services

At GID we strive to provide excellent identity card services to our valued customers. We provide tailor made and customised solutions in order to meet your requirements.

We carefully evaluate each inquiry and propose an in-depth and comprehensive resolution.

We currently provide the following services:

  • - Government ID Services (e.g. National ID, Driving Licence etc…)
  • - Access Card Services for private and public entities

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About GID

GID is dynamic and progressive identity solutions provider. Based in Hamriyah Free Zone, UAE, we are strategically positioned to provide you with best products and excellent service whether you are located in MENA, Europe, Central Asia or Far East.

Being a trusted partner of leading American brand, we assure you nothing but the highest quality products available in the market.

Our mission is to provide businesses and organisations with industry leading products and gain your recognition and trust.

Our vision is to strive hard and make the world free from false-identities

Customer Service Excellence
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